Introducing NEO PLATFORM™ - the next generation platform from NeoGaming.
Supporting you from strategy to success.

For the successful gaming business, great products are a great start. But it's the
whole platform that makes the long-term difference.


Putting it all together - You choose the products and services you want. We make it happen

Pick the products you want to offer

From poker to bingo and sports betting to roulette. We also offer e-tailing opportunities.

Pick the channels you want to use

Offer mobile applications, interactive TV, and the web - or combine them all. Call centre and retail services too? No problem.

Add any 3rd party

Build in event feeds, streaming video, payment gateways and more.

Then we put it all together through the Neo Platform.
Your customers get a single ACCOUNT to access any product, through any channel.
You get the management control, flexibility and transparency only NeoGaming can offer.

Neo Platform™ is our new vision for the gaming industry

For our partners, Neo Platform™ means a complete gaming platform designed with a single objective: bigger revenue opportunities while controlling the cost of growth.



The most complete Sportsbook software available ‐ 30,000 live matches every month


Exciting range of 2,000 casino games from major suppliers


It’s integrated with more than 50 software APIs, including 30+ payment methods


Increase traffic. Attract players. Reach maximum revenue potential.

Reducing operator costs with all-inclusive services

Providing access to more vertical markets

Supplying powerful back office tools

Encouraging revenue growth with simple commercial offers